Prince William County has some of the worst commute times in the country and continues to fall further and further behind.  

As Chairman of the Board, Ann Wheeler is committed to fixing our broken transportation system.


  • Ann supports the transportation bond on the ballot this November that will make permanent improvements to Rt. 28 and intersection improvements across the county.

  • Ann supports the extension of the Metro Blue Line to Woodbridge.

  • Ann supports VRE's extension to Gainesville.

  • Ann believes the Board of Supervisors must begin to link land-use decisions with existing transportation infrastructure and focus new development around transportation centers.


Currently, Prince William County ranks last in the region for the percentage of its residents who work within the county. This drives the extreme congestion on roads that lead to job centers outside the county. In fact, one recent state study said 1.2 million hours were lost in delays during the last year on just the Occoquan River bridge on I-95. Ann will prioritize bringing more jobs to Prince William County to reduce congestion from residents needing to leave the county for work.

Ann also understands that Virginia's "Smart Scale" funding for transportation must be reformed as it has penalized counties like Prince William with the greatest transportation needs.