Thank you for helping us turn Prince William County blue!

Ann has served the public and Prince William County since moving to Haymarket in 2001. She is honored to be able to continue to serve her neighbors and fellow Prince William County citizens as the current Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors.


Prior to being elected to the Board of Supervisors in November 2019, Ann spent 14 years as a Member of the Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative Board. She has also spent two years on the Hylton Performing Arts Center Board and recently completed a two-year term as President of the Prince William Committee of 100, a non-partisan civic organization that provides public forums to bring awareness to a range of county issues.

As former Chair of the Prince William County Board of Social Services, Ann has become familiar with the operations of the county and has mastered its budgeting process. Since attending the PWC Community Leadership Institute in the Fall of 2004, she has served on various community and civic boards, including the Stonewall Middle School Advisory Council (2010-2011), the Board of Social Services (2006-2011), the Shelter Lakes Homeowners Association (2004-2007), the Gainesville District Budget Committee (2005-2007) and the Prince William County School Northern Boundary Committee (2005-2006).

Prince William County has tremendous opportunities to grow and better serve its citizens. Ann's experiences over the last 17 years has shown her how we have yet to fully realize that potential. Together, Ann looks forward to moving our county forward. 

Before moving to Prince William County with her husband, John, and her two daughters, Ann spent 15 years working and consulting in the energy industry. Ann graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and earned an MBA from the University of Chicago, specializing in Finance.


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