Stewart to propose resolution declaring Prince William a ‘Second Amendment sanctuary,’ Wheeler promises a quick repeal

"Corey Stewart, the outgoing Republican at-large chairman of the Prince William Board of Supervisors, will introduce a measure to declare the county a “Second Amendment sanctuary” at Tuesday’s board meeting. But Chairman-Elect Ann Wheeler, a Democrat, says the new board will repeal any such effort as soon as it takes over in January."

There’s simply no reason to vote for John Gray in Prince William County

"The tweets from Mr. Gray are by turns unedifying, uninformed, false and inane, with some crass sophomoric sexual commentary — he “shrivels” at the thought of “doing the deed” with Hillary Clinton — and smirky racism thrown in for good measure. African Americans, Mr. Gray suggested, might take a knee and stop “rioting” if someone would only play the national anthem."

He deleted his offensive tweets. But his political opponent found them anyway.

“I don’t hide who I am,” Wheeler said Monday. “The bottom line is he deleted those tweets because he believed they’re too extreme for Twitter. If they’re too extreme for Twitter, they’re too extreme for Prince William County, and he has no business running Prince William County.”

With Corey Stewart leaving politics, Prince William County’s political future is up for grabs

"A former chair of the county’s board of social services, Wheeler said she would work to make Prince William more inclusive to different groups. She also said the county should take a stronger stance on some statewide issues, such as the effort to get the General Assembly to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment."

Five enter 2019 race for Prince William Board of Supervisors

“Prince William County’s reputation has declined and suffered throughout Virginia and the country with the divisive and embarrassing rhetoric under Corey Stewart’s 12-year tenure,” Wheeler said in a statement issued Monday. “Mr. Stewart’s limited vision and short-sightedness has left our county with some of the most overcrowded schools and worst traffic in the region. The election in 2019 must see a change in the direction we have been heading.”

Prince William Co. GOP Pushes for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

"Outgoing Prince William County Board Chair Corey Stewart said he will introduce a resolution on Tuesday that would declare Prince William County a "Second Amendment Sanctuary." Historically red counties and cities in Virginia are passing these resolutions ahead of the new blue general assembly next year."

Prince William Republican faces calls to withdraw from race over deleted tweets

"The campaign of Ann Wheeler, the Democrat running for board chair, recently found deleted tweets in which Gray used stereotypes to mock violence and political protest in African American communities and exhibit intolerance toward non-Christians."

Wheeler backs taking Jefferson Davis’s name off U.S. 1, opponents say leave it alone

"Ann Wheeler, the Democratic candidate for chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, said Tuesday she agrees with past moves to strip the name of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, off Prince William County’s main eastern thoroughfare: U.S. 1. Wheeler said many of the county’s residents find the name offensive."

Inside Scoop

"I could feel the change in the county coming... I have the background, I have the knowledge, I know the people in the county, I think I could [lead] this county well."

Haymarket Democrat announces run for Prince William County chair in 2019

“I will bring inclusiveness for all citizens to Prince William County,” Wheeler said. “As chair of the board of social services, I developed a clear sense of the key challenges facing our large and diverse county and the issues that must be addressed.”

Prince William board flips Democratic; Wheeler to succeed Stewart as board chair

"Prince William County entered a new political era Tuesday when Democrat Ann Wheeler was elected chair of the Board of County Supervisors."

Virginia Republican candidate's attempt to delete offensive tweets tips off opponent in Prince William County

“I didn’t realize that he was that extreme,” Wheeler said. “He’s been running for office and he has some vocal opinions on somewhat extreme issues, but it was more the personal nature, making of fun of different groups. I was surprised he did that so voraciously.”

County board chairman candidates split on bond referendum

"Democratic candidate Ann Wheeler said she supports both the transportation and parks projects included in the referendum. Diverting traffic from Va. 28 – a priority of the $355 million road bond referendum – is a must for the county, she said. “It’s up to the voters to pass the bond referendum, and I’d like to fix Route 28,” Wheeler said."

Photos: Ann Wheeler Kicks Off Her Campaign for Board Chair to Help Flip Prince William County Completely “Blue”

"Which brings us to yesterday’s campaign kickoff by Democrat Ann Wheeler for Chair, Prince William County, a Democrat who is running to be Prince William County’s next County Board Chair (note that neo-Confederate Corey Stewart is finally retiring). I’m not sure if any other Democrat is going to run for Chair, but for now, it’s looking like Wheeler vs. Republican Martin Nohe. This will be a tough race, but again, if PW County votes more like it does in the presidential, gubernatorial and mid-term election years, Dems have got a *great* chance of flipping the second-largest county in Virginia from “red” to “blue.” Let’s do it!"

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