Prince William County's growth over the last twenty years has been driven by families choosing our community as the place they want to raise their children. Ann understands that we haven't kept up with the investments needed in our schools to meet this growth. Class sizes have been rising, teacher pay has fallen compared to our neighbors, and now Prince William County ranks worst in both class size and teacher pay in Northern Virginia. While the School Board allocates the budget for schools, the Board of Supervisors provides a majority of the funding to the School Board which has no ability to generate revenue on their own.

As Chairman of the Board, Ann will deliver for our schools.


  • Budget for increased teacher pay until Prince William County is competitive again with its Northern Virginia neighbors. 

  • Hire at least 100 new teachers every year until class sizes have been reduced substantially in every school in the county.

  • Expand Pre-K programs across the county for universal Pre-K access by 2030 and stop rejecting state money for this purpose as the Board does today.

  • Propose new school bonds to update older facilities, especially in eastern Prince William, until every school in the county has modern facilities and trailers are eliminated countywide.

Ann also understands that Prince William County needs to be a leader in higher education. She will work to expand programming at the GMU campus in Prince William County to make our campus a hub for technology job training, as well as partner with Virginia Tech to ensure Prince William County residents have greater access to the new innovation campus programs being built in Northern Virginia. 

Ann understands that budgets can be tight for many young families moving to our community, and she is committed to working with the parks and recreation department, as well as our library system, to expand free and affordable programming targeted for children, such as movie nights, outdoor activities and summer reading programs.  

Finally, Prince William County has an opportunity to become a destination for one of the fastest-growing industries in the country: youth sports tourism. Too often, our families that participate in travel sports have to leave the county for large events when we could be hosting them here and gaining the revenue that comes with them. Ann is committed to making this a priority for the Board of Supervisors.